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New Technology and How It Has Impacted Front Office Operations Essay

As indicated by Bunduhn (2010), the lodging business, in an overall scale, should address the issues of their customers by receiving innovation. In this quick paced world we at present live in. Innovation is advantageous, quick, and all the more monetarily shrewd to coordinate into a framework whose recipe for progress and their measures for assessment of good assistance is the solace and comfort that the customers experienced getting more individuals, and at last more benefit; a major in addition to other significant parts of the inn business. Embracing innovation is a significant choice, particularly when you are going to coordinate it into a framework that has been demonstrated and tried from the earliest starting point of the inn business to its present status infact, notwithstanding the tedious, manual work that incorporates paper and pen, it has demonstrated its value all through its reality, some may even think of it as sheltered, yet there are approaches to infuse innovation which gives accommodation and solace to the clients, while giving security. This sort of choice is made by the front office since they are the ones who sort these things out. Front office capacities may incorporate room reservations of the visitors, phone ser-indecencies, and bookkeeping, to give some examples and we will be going into them individually later in this dad per just as the advantages that each part can escape innovation. As indicated by, inns have what they call a visitor cycle which incorporates the fol-lowing: (1) Pre-appearance Stage; (2) Arrival Stage; (3) Occupancy Stage and; (4) Departure stage. These stages can profit by the reconciliation of innovation into the arrangement of the inn front office. During the main phase of the visitors cycle, which is where they experience all the potential inns they are going to, selling an initial introduction and data, referrals, and different confirmations are vital to pulling in expected customers to your administration. One supportive apparatus in pulling in expected visitors into considering to remain at an inn are the long range informal communication locales. Long range interpersonal communication locales spring up today like weeds and it has numerous clients all around the globe. It is savvy to use this sort of programming into the framework as a feature of the advertisement vertising and deals division. This will be particularly useful in spreading data like rapidly spreading fire, and in long range informal communication destinations like Facebook, where everybody approaches, it tends to be done, so it is imperative to initially make a page. Additionally, it likewise makes the chiefs work simpler supposing that the data gave in the page is finished, or possibly about complete, at that point there will be less inquiries posed by the visitors after inquisitive for exceptional solicitations; not any more fundamental data required. Moreover, these kinds of long range informal communication locales leave space for its clients to leave com-ments that can be utilized to make confirmations and remarks about the spot, and whenever offered great types of assistance, constructive criticism will flood the page leaving a decent impact on the individuals seeing your page. Great criticism coming about to more customers; more customers mean more pay for your organization. At the point when the client has chosen, an application in the web can promptly help in their booking comfort for both the client and the administration of the lodging. The sys-tem that handles these sorts of administrations, for example, plane seat and lodging reservations is known as the Global Distribution System or additionally known by its abbreviation the GDS. With the assistance of the GDS, the customer can get simple access to reservation sheets permitting them to by and by type in the data required so as to get a booking. Clients can likewise bring in to the front work area for any requests that are not plainly specified in their interpersonal interaction webpage page, or on their site, and furthermore for questions whether they can oblige your uncommon inclinations and solicitations. After everything is said and done, the customer would already be able to present their booking sheet, and afterward an elec-tronically produced email print of the affirmation letter will be appeared on the screen and can be printed by the visitors, for reference purposes. Different methods for holding a room in an inn that utilizes the headway of innovation is with the utilization of phones or mobile phones. With its guide, the client isn't required to visit the lodging, which might be miles from them and be made at the solaces of their own homes. Fundamentally these shifted implies in reserving a spot target making it simpler for the customer to get a space for an excursion, a work excursion, ensuring they have some place to remain in advertisement vance. A decent method to prepare and these headways makes it simpler, both for the customer and the lodgings supervisor and staff. During the phase when the customer is remaining at the lodging, correspondence is essential in this phase between the staff, the chief, and the visitors. Advancements in the correspondence sys-tem, for example, the utilization of the radio framework which is a lot of like the Private Branch Exchange additionally known with its abbreviation of PBX, makes it simpler for the customer to contact front work area for any re-journey that he sees as fundamental for him and furthermore starting with one office then onto the next, no need of walking your approach to various territories of the lodging. Utilizing one line for various phones, you just need to dial a telephone number that just requires three-digits or four which is relegated to eve-ry branch of the lodging. The utilization of the work area is exceptionally regular in the current age of inn administrations. In con-trast to the past lodgings, they utilized manual penmanship, and that additionally involves a great deal of papers that could conceivable gobble up your work space. With the utilization of the PC equipment framework, which incorporates, the console, the screen, the mouse, and certain pre-introduced application into the PC, administrative work and composing may redundant. These sorts of equipment likewise help in the exacting observing of the charges of the visitors. With pen and paper there is a higher possibility of blunder, for the human brain can now and it slips again's mind and may likewise be passed up a great opportunity when figuring, so with the utilization of the programmed computation expert gram introduced by a developer into the framework, the charges can be listed and totaled easi-ly, which Is separated of the entire reservation programming. Straightforward little hardware had been helpful in the lodging front office framework, for example, cal-culators, may not be being used in the current arrangement of the inn industry, yet previously, they were unquestionably useful. In conclusion, bookkeeping has never been simpler with the utilization of PCs and concentrated delicate product gave by organizations, for example, Microsoft and Intact. These bookkeeping programming permits the executives to screen money records, the various records that goes all through the inn, and finance, to give some examples. It will help with the observing of the numerous records of every visitors in your inn, not forgetting about anything that they spent during their remain, in light of the fact that regardless of what they state about accommodation of their visitors is their need, salary is as yet significant. From various perspectives however one, the lodging business ought to be grateful to innovation on the grounds that despite the fact that supervisors assistant in the development of the business, the innovation makes their the in-dustry create. References: Books and Printed Document: Brewer, P. et al. (2008). Current and Future Use in the Hospitality Industry. Bunduhn, R. (2010). Inn Industry Urged to raise Technology To an acceptable level. The National Gretzel, U. et al. (2010). Data and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2010. SpringerWienNewYork. Ferdinand Berger and Sohne Gesellschaft m.b.H., 3580 Horn, Austria Web: Recovered from: Recovered: October 17, 2012 Retrieved from: Recovered: October 17, 2012

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The Development of Christology and Its Relevance for Contemporary Essay

The Development of Christology and Its Relevance for Contemporary Christianity - Essay Example It is through this cross examination that Christological teaching created. This paper analyzes the improvement of Christology up to Chalcedon and its significance to the cutting edge Christianity. Christology is a part of Christian philosophy worried about the investigation of Jesus Christ (Meier 2001, 51). The control looks at the nature, character and character of Jesus Christ comparable to the Christianity confidence. Christianity has been in presence for around 2000 years. As per Stephen (2008, 70), the conviction that Jesus Christ is man, God, and the Son of God are the establishments of the confidence. The Holy Bible states that Jesus Christ is the guardian angel whom all Christians should venerate. In any case, the rise of various and eccentric Christian tenets in the ongoing past about Jesus Christ has introduced a noteworthy test to the standard Christian lessons. The soonest cross examination of the character and personality of Jesus Christ goes back to AD 90-140 (O’ Collins 1995, 107). During this time, Christian otherworldly pioneers indentified and underscored on both the godlikeness and mankind of Jesus. The absolute most punctual lessons by set up missional dads at the time, for example, Clement and Ignatius tended to and thought about the double idea of Christ as both awesome and human simultaneously (Philip, 1893: 52). As per Philip (1893: 59), Ignatius affirmed the double idea of Jesus by alluding Him as â€Å"Jesus Christ our Lord†. Correspondingly, Philip (1893, 83) takes note of that Clement provoked early Christians to consider â€Å"Christ as both God and the adjudicator of both the dead and the living.† The accentuation of both the god and humankind of Christ in early church are exhibited by Melito of Sardis (AD 165-175). As indicated by Berkhof (1969, 19), Melito completely expressed Christ was both man and God. He contended that Jesus’ internment after torturous killing exhibits He is man while his restorati on three days after the fact demonstrated He is God. Nonetheless, other biblical instructors, for example, Justin Martyr, however recognizing Jesus as both man and God accepted that Christ was lesser than the most noteworthy God (Bauckham 1991, 86). Albeit early lessons recognized both the mankind and heavenliness of Christ, the cross examination was to a great extent shallow and needed lucidity and satisfactory conviction from early religious pundits. Docetism and adoptionism are the absolute most punctual philosophical philosophies that addressed both the humankind and eternality nature of Jesus Christ. Adoptionism dismissed the godliness of Christ and some philosophical pundits contended that He was not conceived by a virgin lady (Dunn 2003, 63). As indicated by Ferguson and Wright (1988, 58), adoptionism recognized that Jesus was man, who was received by God to satisfy a specific or explicit job. Henceforth, the belief system bore witness to that Jesus turned into the friend in need just by his severe adherence of God’s orders and his great deeds toward mankind. All the while, Jesus got mindful of his perfect character that was affirmed when he got the Holy Spirit at his submersion (Davidson 2001) Docetism then again avowed that Jesus was not human at everything except rather divine (Bray 1983, 44). As per Bray (1983, 49), Docetists contended that Jesus didn't have physical body, yet he just seemed to have fragile living creature and blood. A portion of the defenders of Docetism in the second century included Gnosticism yet Ignatius, an early missional pioneer eagerly denied that Jesus Christ was not human as declared by

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Why IELTS Band 6 Essay Samples Is Useful

Why IELTS Band 6 Essay Samples Is UsefulWhen you are teaching a test like the IELTS exam, there are numerous reasons why you should use its band 6 essay samples. With so many options available to you and so many times when you will be teaching a student how to study for their test, it is best to have some sample paper that they can use in class.The IELTS exam is a standardized test that all students in the United Kingdom must take before they are allowed to sit for their national exams. It tests how well you speak English fluently as well as how quickly you can read, write, and comprehend different types of topics. You will also need to give your students information about how to interpret the results.By giving them an essay to write in class, you will be able to show them how important it is to be able to express themselves clearly and accurately when reading a piece of work. It will help your students get motivated to write as well as further develop their own writing skills. They may also be given extra practice by taking the sample test they are given. This is very helpful because it gives them something to do in order to prepare for the real thing.A lot of people who take the IELTS exams will find that it is necessary to prepare for it ahead of time so that they can help themselves write the exam without being rushed. While this can be done through practice, it is much easier and cheaper to just purchase a sample test for this purpose. Most of the better online companies will offer you one at no cost to you.The IELTS band 6 test is written in a very standard format and covers a number of different subjects. You will be provided with a small essay, either in digital form or in paper format. You will be able to take this test three times and then use it as your final score, so you will need to make sure that you have a number of these test copies that you can use each year.If you are using these essay samples, you will want to use them in tandem with the IEL TS practice test and Band 6 that you will be giving your students in class. Your students will not be able to get access to this material as easily as you can, but you can share it with them if you want to. This is going to allow you to provide them with some time to practice well.Students can work on their own, but they may also be able to request more practice questions from you. You can send them additional test papers as well, as long as you have already sent them the paper they need. The trick is to avoid sending them too many samples, but to send them enough that they will not be bored with them.In the end, you may be surprised how far you can push yourself with the help of these test papers. If you plan on doing well and are set on getting the highest score possible, then these sample papers are definitely for you.

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Are Viruses Living - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 382 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/09/17 Category Biology Essay Type Argumentative essay Did you like this example? Case Study: Are Viruses Living? Dear Students, You came to me asking a question that has puzzled mankind ever since we have discovered them. Are viruses alive? Are the chicken pox, flu, HIV, and H1N1 viruses living? They are among the smallest microbes, but they can make people fell ill. So are they living or not? In my opinion, viruses are not alive. All living things have the same basic characteristics. According to Document B, organisms maintain homeostasis. Also, living creatures are made up of one or more cells, the building blocks of life. In addition, all animals and plants and bacteria grow and develop. Moreover, they all have to have genetic information (DNA or RNA). Lastly, organisms require energy and nutrients, have to reproduce, and they respond to their environment. For example, the Melospiza melodia, or the song sparrow, is a living creature. Why is this so? Well it has all of the requirements; like it has DNA and is made up of cells. Likewise, it also maint ains homeostasis. Does it respond to the environment? Well if it is raining then it would most likely find shelter. Also does it eat and have offspring? Yes it does. The Melospiza melodia has just proved that it is a living creature. Proving that a virus is a living creature is another story. This is so because a virus straddles the line between living and nonliving. Yes it is true that a virus has genetic information. It is also true that they â€Å"know† how to copy themselves. Yet, they do not grow and develop, or respond to the environment. Think of viruses resembling robots programmed to do one thing, make copies of them. That is why viruses do not grow or develop or respond to the environment. They do not require food or energy or nutrients. They do not need to maintain homeostasis because they do not have a homeostasis to maintain. They reproduce by taking over other cells and by using their energy, they make copies of themselves, all programmed to do the same th ing. So in a nutshell, viruses are not alive. They may have some of the characteristics of an organism, but not all. I hope that I gave you the answer you were looking for. Sincerely, Emily Bunce, Microbiologist Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Are Viruses Living?" essay for you Create order

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The Jew of Venice - 1393 Words

The comedy The Merchant of Venice was written by William Shakespeare and it is situated in Venice and Belmont (Italy) in the sixteenth century. It was written in London in 1998. The full name of the †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ is The Comical History of the Merchant of Venice, or Otherwise Called Jew of Venice. Venice is a place where there is lots of commerce and where there are lots of business men who loan and ask for interest. The people who live here are not very kind, they are hard hearted and they would rather have lots of money not love. Whereas on the other hand Belmont is very different, it is a city where people are rich and sophisticated. The atmosphere in Belmont is happy and people are kind to one another. If the had to chose love or money, they†¦show more content†¦Justice! Find the girl! She has the stones upon her and the money! This quote shows that Shylock values his daughter as much, maybe less, than he values his ducats. This shows that money is has a great significan ce/importance in his life. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, heald by the same means, warmd and coold by the same winter and summer, as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, do we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christina wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example? Why, revenge. The villainy you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction. Bassanio recieves a letter from Antonio which informs Bassanio that he has lost his money and and as a result he has no money to repay Shylock. Therefore he has to forfeit a pound of flesh to Shylock. Bassanio tells Portia what has happenedand she orders him to take six thousand ducats and go Venice and pay Shylock. After Bassanio left, Portia and Nerissa leave for Venice. Portia decides to dress up as a male lawyer, because women at this time did not have the power or authority to be present in court.Show MoreRelated Portia in Shakespeares The Merchant of Venice and Abigail of Marlowes the Jew of Malta880 Words   |  4 PagesMerch ant of Venice and Abigail of Marlowes the Jew of Malta Portia and Abigail are two characters with very different values. Portia in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice remained true to her religion, and her father’s wishes throughout the play. Abigail, on the other hand, changed religions and disobeyed her father. However, the writers used these two women to make similar statements about religion. Portia represented the quintessential Christian. Abigail of Marlowe’s The Jew of MaltaRead More Hath Not a Jew Eyes? The Identity of Shylock and Purpose of Anti-Semitism in The Merchant of Venice1992 Words   |  8 PagesShakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice continues to receive criticism because of the many controversial topics integrated within an already debatable plot. One such reproach is whether the play demonstrates factors of anti-Semitism or persists as a criticism of the anti-Sematic tendencies of Christians during Shakespeare’s time. The factor of genre plays an essential role in how the play i s interpreted when regarding anti-Semitism, particularly when viewed as either a romantic comedy or a genre thatRead More Father-Daughter Relationships in Sidney’s The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia, Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta, and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice3187 Words   |  13 PagesFather-Daughter Relationships in Sidney’s The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia, Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta, and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice Justification for the subjugation of females to males during the sixteenth century came from a variety of sources. Ranging from the view that God gave Adam authority over Eve as penalty for the fall, to a belief in the superiority of a husbands’ physical strength over that of his wife, attempts at rationalization of the restricted freedom of womenRead MoreA Study of Anti-Semitism in The Merchant of Venice Essay1540 Words   |  7 PagesA Study of Anti-Semitism in The Merchant of Venice ‘The Merchant of Venice’ was written by Shakespeare in 1596 and appeals to both audiences of comedy and tragedy. The play features anti-Semitism which is a response to 1500’s Britain as well as other literature of the time. Anti-Semitism is the term used to describe discrimination towards Jews and Judaism. ‘The Merchant of Venice’ has received both positive and negative comments over the centuries and throughout thisRead MoreAntisemitism in the Middle Ages1616 Words   |  7 Pagesperiods of time in Jewish history. Christianity’s view of other religions as inferior is portrayed in many well-known pieces of literature, including one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, The Merchant of Venice. Towering over Shakespeare’s romantic comedy The Merchant of Venice is the tragic figure of Shylock, a man who represents the treatment of the Jewish people in his time period. Before beginning to understand Shylock, it is vital to understand the historical and dramatic influencesRead MoreThe Merchant Of Venice Anti Christian Or Anti Semitic?914 Words   |  4 PagesShakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice anti-Christian or anti-Semitic? How important is religion in â€Å"The Merchant of Venice†? That depends on who you ask and is based on that person’s interpretation of the play. The Merchant of Venice is controversial between whether i t is anti-Christian or anti-Semitic and with good reason. Religion has always been a source of controversy; in Shakespeare’s plays, they are no exception but especially so in the play The Merchant of Venice. In ancient times, people establishedRead More The Jewish Experience in Venice in the Age of the Ghetto Essay1473 Words   |  6 Pagesconsidered offensive. A part of a city where Jews were forced to live in the past † ( LD 678 ). As a result, the first general definition appears connected with the more specific example of the Jews. It seems to be particularly interesting, because it gives us a perspective of the idea of Ghetto that has been transformed and adapted to different realities, but unexpectedly it demonstrates the opposite of what was the Jewish experience of it in Venice. First of all, it can be inferredRead More Is The Merchant of Venice an Anti-Semitic Play? Essay1491 Words   |  6 PagesIs The Merchant of Venice an Anti-Semitic Play?      Ã‚   The Merchant of Venice features a Jewish character that is abused and slandered by nearly every character in the play. Throughout the play the behavior of these characters seems justified. In this way, The Merchant of Venice appears to be an anti-Semitic play. However, The Merchant of Venice contains several key instances, which can be portrayed in a way that criticizes anti-Semitism. The first instance occurs in Act 1, scene 3 whenRead MoreMerchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare1174 Words   |  5 PagesIn Shakespeare’s book Merchant of Venice, Shylock is a Jewish moneylender who holds a grudge with a Christian merchant Antonio. The resentment becomes open when Antonio asks Shylock to lend him money, and Shylock asks for his flesh in case he does not return the loan in time. Here, Shylock acts as a negative stereotype Jew, but he is only acting in manner due to forced circumstances. The persecution and discrimination of Jews have forced Shylock to be vengefu l and cold hearted. In the Christian valuesRead MoreWhy Were Jews and Christians Separated in The Elizabethan Time Period? 1504 Words   |  7 PagesI. My Question â€Å"Well Ashley, Jews and Christians did not get along in the Elizabethan time period,† said my parish priest. Once I heard this, I was determined to research more information. I knew that Jews and Christians have always had their differences in what they believed religiously. I questioned myself what did each religious group believe in? What did they agree with? What do they disagree on? I knew that persecutions took place in the past for what a religious group may stick up for

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Thick Face, Black Heart Essay example - 625 Words

Thick Face, Black Heart The power of Thick Face, Black Heart is your inner strength and the natural state of your true self, where perfect joy, clarity, courage, and compassion are an inseparable part of you. The Thick Face is for showing no fear or wavering from the path and the Black Heart is the emotional strength that drives you forward to complete the goal even when the going gets tough. For me, that perfect harmony of everything is when I make and play my music live. Though I have started to play many shows, my goal is to become a professional touring musician and DJ. In order to reach my goal, I must use two very important ideas from Thick Face, Black Heart: winning through negative thinking and the magical power of endurance.†¦show more content†¦If I were to be in the DJ booth thinking about how I messed up the same song transition last night, chances are that I’m going to overthink it and mess up again. Even worse, before I even started booking shows, many o f the venues wouldn’t let me play because they didn’t think I was good enough. Using the power of endurance I kept trying and trying and finally they saw how strong my perseverance was and started booking me for shows. The most important thing is to endure by enduring: understanding the difficulties, enduring the hardships, predicting the risks, and tolerating the abuse, all ensure fame and success for such a person. What makes one truly great is knowing how to tolerate the intolerable and how to endure the unendurable. â€Å"Everyone knows how to thrive in the good times. It is the trying times that separate the one who has substance from the one who merely possesses the image† (Chu 141). Thick Face, Black Heart is the secret law of nature that governs successful behavior in every aspect of one’s life. Often we are so concerned with what makes us feel good that we forget what makes us great. Not dwelling on the negatives and turning that determination and drive around into positive action is a great virtue to have. Also, understanding how to surmount pain, doubt, and failure is an important aspect of the game of winning atShow MoreRelatedThick Face Black Heart Summary858 Words   |  4 Pages â€Å"Thick Face, Black Heart is the secret law of nature that governs * successful behavior in every aspect of one’s life.† This is the main point that Chin-Ning Chu tries to make through this chapter and it is the underlying point for her entire book. Thick Face Black Heart is a saying that means you are not worried about criticism from others and you are willing to focus on your goal and ignore the costs of achieving your goal. To put it in the authors own words thick face is theRead MoreThe Dark Side Of The Black Rimmed Clock1303 Words   |  6 Pagesabsentmindedly watched as students entered small rooms with distressed emotions plastered on their anxious faces. There was one particular student I watched from a distance as she cautiously walked into a room that was lined with tearing yellow wallpaper. Her rich auburn blonde hair was matted down to her scalp from her sweat and I noticed her calves were shaking the tiniest bit. Her face portrayed an uneasy look as she slowly closed the door and I gradually snapped back into focus. SuddenlyRead MoreDown In A Hole1667 Words   |  7 Pagestrickled down the side of my forehead. I lifted my hand up and a strong smell hit my nose, it was the smell of blood. I lifted the object and shock hit me like lightening, fear displaced my sadness, sickness changed my bloodstream from blood to a thick liquid pus and vomit. I held the muscle with my right hand as my left hand was paralysed with shock. The adrenaline shot me forcing me to move but shock shattered me into thin slices that were impossible to put back again. I fetched franticallyRead MoreThe Guilty Blade: A Narrative Fiction650 Words   |  3 Pagesbusy bees surrounding their hive. The hooting of cars and buses boomed through my ears. The sun glowed gently over the horizon as the blast of warm breeze diffused over my body. The sun dipped through the sky as it replaced its yellow stains into black, dusky shades of ink. The crowd imperceptibly disappeared as I changed my way to the other side of the street. As the sun settled down; desolate, pure blackness began to sneak in. The blanket of darkness positioned itself over the horizon. Blocks ofRead MoreEssay on Compare and Contrast Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now1353 Words   |  6 Pageswhen I learned that it was sort of based on Joseph Conrads famous novella, Heart of Darkness. Conrads book, the tale of the sailor Marlowes African adventure, is a study on the evils of colonialism. The two stories at first glance do not seem very similar, but after examining both, it is quite shocking the degree of similarity between the two. Many people have been able to draw comparisons to Joseph Conrads novel Heart of Darkness and Francis Ford Coppolas film Apocalypse Now, but the two areRead MoreRepresentation of Evil in Poe and Hawthornes Stories Essay979 Words   |  4 Pagespeople of certain religions, races, ages, sexes, and mental prowess† (Origin of Evil 2, 1). In â€Å"The Tell Tale Heart†, Edgar Allan Poe expresses his perspective of evil through the planning of a murder while Nathaniel Hawthorne demonstrates his knowledge of the representation of an evil force just by using a piece of black cloth to cover the main character’s face in the story â€Å"Minister’s Black Veil†. Although the presence of evil changes the atmosphere in both stories, there are several differences thatRead MoreDescriptive Essay - Original Writing781 Words   |  4 Pagesit s head. It caught her scent. It s leathery black skin made it easier to disappear into the shadows of the forest they were in. The people it was hunting had no such talent. Among the people, a shorter figure in the front froze. He heard the rustling in the forest and tried not to let fear cloud their judgment. â€Å"Rekkr,† a voice said, trying to jar the leader out of his trance. Rekkr raised a finger to where his lips would be behind a thick mask. He then flattened his hand in a halting motionRead MoreUse of Imagery in the First Two Acts of Macbeth1585 Words   |  7 Pagesomnipresent imagery of darkness evokes the sentiments of fear, danger and death. â€Å"Come thick night, and pall thee in the dunnest smoke in hell† associates the darkness of the night with supernatural powers, seen in the word â€Å"hell†. This creates a sense of unease in the audience, we feel inferior to the outside forces present. Darkness is seen as a blanket for dark deeds, in this case murder. It is described as â€Å"thick† – an impenetrable, heavy barrier. This creates a feeling of being captured, that thereRead MoreMy Thoughts On My Life1277 Words   |  6 PagesThe dread swallowed me whole, clouding my mind. The sea of emotion was drowning me, suffocating me as I tried to regain control. I stamped on the break. I was jolted back to the present as my car ground to a halt, narrowly avoiding a small girl. My heart pounded in my chest with such force that it was almost like it was trying to break free. My temples throbbed as I tried to force air into my lungs in a vain attempt to control my self and calm my nerves. I continued on my journey as chills swept acrossRead MoreThe, An Eternity Of Thanks1239 Words   |  5 Pagesit now is and the threat of black magic could be the destruction of all that was built. But most of all, I fear for the safety of my sweet daughter, Angelica . She is too pure, too innocent, for the evil that spread throughout our town. When I told her with a heavy heart of the malevolence that has wormed its way through the cracks and into the foundations of our town, I swear I could the the light in her bright eyes cloud over, and a haggard look came over her young face, making her age to nearly

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Employment Law Assignment Free Sample Solution

Employment Law Explain the constitutional basis for the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) with reference to the Australian Constitution and discuss the relationship with Australian common law, with reference to the National Employment Standards. The Fair Work Act, 2009 is a labour welfare legislation aimed at improving the relations between employees and employers so that productive workplace relations can be formulated which would further help in promoting national economic prosperity and promoting amicable relations between the Australians (Chapman, 2009). In this regard, it is submitted that the Fair Work Act, 2009 has been an extension of the process of amendments which also came under a lot of fire recently with the recent amendments which are popularly known as Work Choices Act and the amendments were brought forth in 2005. The amendments brought forth in the Work choices Act were criticized as being against the interests of the employees and workers and in favour of the employers and businesses (Riley, 2010). There was a lot of debate about the constitutionality of the Work Choices Act and it was alleged that the provisions of the Work Choices act were contrary to the Constitution of Commonwealth of Australia. The reason why this submission is being made is because the constitutional basis for the Fair Work Act, 2009 (Chapman, 2009) is same as that of Fair Choices Act, 2005.To develop a better understanding of the constitutional basis of the Fair Work Act, 2009, it is important to discuss the landmark case of New South Wales vs Commonwealth1 wherein the constitutionality of the Work Choices Act 2005 was discussed and adjudicated upon by the Honble High court of Australia. The basic point of contention in the instant case was the expansion of federal powers regarding the labour welfare legislation in the form of Work Choices Act, 2005. The major point of contention was the purported elimination of the State Territory jurisdiction to legislate upon the labour welfare legislation and such powers were to be shifted to the federal parliament. Various states of the Commonwealth of Australia and major trade unions of the Commonwealth of Australia were parties to the aforementioned case in which the major points of contention stated above were debated and adjudicated upon (Lucev, 2009). The Commonwealth of Australia contended that the Commonwealth and federal parliament was well within its powers as per the Constitution of commonwealth of Australia. The Governments thrust was in the argument that it was well within its powers to legislate upon any topic or law which created, altered the provisions pertaining to the conduct of employees of corporations, laws pertaining to business functions and various corporations activities and relationships. The Government is also empowered to legislate upon issues protecting the corporations from various kinds of loss or damage. These powers are derived from (WASF, 2009)Section 51 (xx) of the Commonwealth of Australia constitution Act2. The provisions of the aforementioned section of the Constitution of Australia are often known as Corporation Powers and they bestow upon the Commonwealth and Federal parliament to legislate upon topics pertaining to foreign corporations, trading and financial corporations and this contention of th e Commonwealth of Australia was upheld by the Honble High Court of the Commonwealth of Australia vide a majority judgement in favour of the commonwealth government. Accordingly, it can be stated that the constitutional basis of the Fair Work Act, 2009 is section 51 (xx) (WASF, 2009) of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution. In this regard, it is pertinent to note that there has been a significant change in the fair Work Act, 2009 when compared to the earlier labour welfare legislations in place in the Commonwealth of Australia, as earlier common law contracts pertaining to labour contracts were allowed in the commonwealth of Australia. With advent of the Fair Work Act, 2009 even though common law contracts are allowed, the same are abolished in case of individual statutory contracts. Even in cases wherein the common law contracts are allowed, the terms and conditions offered in the common law contracts cannot be less beneficial than the terms and conditions that are guaranteed under the National Employment Standards. The National Employment Standards as per the Fair Work Act, 2009 establish a minimum or basic safety net for welfare of the workers and employees so that the employees are guaranteed the minimum set of safeguards and in this regard, the Fair Work Act, 2009 has been remarkable. The most remarkable feature of this statute has been the scope of the statute because it applies to the Constitutional Corporations and these corporations are covered under section 51 (xx) of the Commonwealth Constitution. Another important feature of Fair Work Act, 2009 is the National Employment Standards and they set the minimum standards of employment which would govern the employment conditions in the Constitutional Corporations. The NATIONAL Employment Standards along with the Modern Awards established by the Fair Work Act, 2009 set up the basic safety net for the workers working in the Constitutional Corporations. (LSCSA)The various areas which are covered under the National Employment Standards are, maximum number of working hours, provisions for parental leave, arrangements for flexible working hours and options related to the same, various types of holidays such as annual leave, public holidays, community service and long leave entitlements compassionate leave entitlements termination and redundancy entitlements etc (Pickering, 2010). it is because of the National Employment Standards that even if the common law contract governing employment in a Constitutional Corporation, notwithstanding th e provisions to the contrary to the National Employment Standards in the common law contract, the provisions of the National Employment Standards and the Modern Award would prevail over the latter. It is submitted that the Fair work Act, 2009 is remarkable in a lot of ways and it plays a very significant role in bringing uniformity in the labour welfare legislation in the sense that it not only brings uniformity across the states pertaining to employment contracts and conditions, it also provides a platform for collective bargaining between the employees and the employers thus, it would not be wrong to state that the Act attempts to create a balance between the interests of the employees and the employers, i.e. businesses. What is the difference between agency employment and temporary transfer of employment where a third party is injured? Explain with reference to case law and relevant legislation Agency work (Johnstone Quinlan, 2005) often comes across as a way in which certain principal employers attempt to circumvent the arms of Law to evade or at least complicate the manner in which Occupational Health and safety Laws and their application can be avoided. The reason behind this is because the principal employer outsources the job for which the contracting agency hires the workers who undertake the tasks which are required to be fulfilled by the Principal employer. In this regard, what is noteworthy is that even though the workers are undertaking the tasks belonging to the host employers, it is for the temporary basis and notwithstanding the fact that the risks posed by the tasks and the working environment which are totally the responsibility of the host employer, can be circumvented owing to the indirect relationship with the workers because of the triangular relationship between the host employer and the actual workers. The major problem that arises in this regard is that in the case of agency employment, there is great risk in terms of relief available in case of injury to the workers or to third party workers. (Johnstone Quinlan, 2005)What happens in such cases; is that the agency which hires the workers claims that the workers were working under the directions of the host employer or the principal employer. On the other hand, the principal employer claims that the agency has hired the workers and as such it should be held liable for the injury caused to the third party or the workers of the agency which has provided the workers. This creates confusion and provides a scope for legal manipulation thereby denying or at least delaying grant of relief to the aggrieved which is a reason for concern because despite government attention on the matter for a very long time now, there have not been too many legislative efforts to regulate the area. On the other hand in cases of temporary transfer of business, the whole job is outsourced and along with it the responsibility to compensate is also transferred. (Pickering, 2010)As far as transfer or transmission of business is concerned, the same is governed by the provisions of the (Lucev, 2009)Fair Work act, 2009 and the provisions of the Act ensure that the liability to compensate out of the industrial awards cannot be evaded and the Act has provisions against sham schemes to avoid liability in Division 6 of the Act. Regarding agency work arrangements also designed to evade liability are provided protection against in terms of section 30 A of the Fair Work act, 2009. Regarding agency work employment, the landmark case of Swift Placem ents Pty Ltd v WorkCover Authority of New South Wales (2000) 96 IR 693 is important to be discussed wherein the (Lucev, 2009)NSW industrial Relations Commission held that the workers hired by the contracting agency to be the employees of the agency notwithstanding thefact that they were working under the directions of the host employer.